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API Documentation

Response format

Response format is JSON.

Request data using MD5

Send request to: https://bms-mirror.com/service/api/hash/md5/$INPUT
$INPUT must be MD5 hash.

sha256 contains SHA-256 hash.
pkg_ddl contains BMS download URL.
chart_ddl contains appendix download URL, if available.

Example: https://bms-mirror.com/service/api/hash/md5/82f7a0e66bed50398d47bdca3a3bf27e

Request tags list

Send request to: https://bms-mirror.com/service/api/tags/list
The response contains list of strings (tags).

Request URL using tags

Send request to: https://bms-mirror.com/service/api/tags/package/$INPUT
$INPUT must contain at least one of the available tags.
You can request URLs from multiple tags by comma-separating the input.
The response contains a list of download URLs.

Example 1: https://bms-mirror.com/service/api/tags/package/2021
Example 2: https://bms-mirror.com/service/api/tags/package/pabat,mumei